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Draft Your Fantasy Team In A Virtual Reality Setting
Imagine drafting your fantasy team or watching real time results in a virtual draft room or lounge with your friends and fellow league owners who live thousands of miles away. There is no question that the next major computing platform is Virtual Reality (VR) which projects to be as life altering as the birth of the internet was decades ago.  Very soon, the applications for VR technology beyond just gaming systems will be limitless. From tourism to healthcare to the legal field to advertising to education and to how we watch sports, as VR technology progresses, many more uses will surface as a way of introducing an audience to a new concept or experience.

One such platform will be the utilization of VR technology in the already massive and profitable world of fantasy sports. As an alternative to simple online drafts, drafting via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime or following daily and seasonal results online, VR technology will enable participants to engage in fantasy drafts and interact in the same "virtual room or lounge" irrespective of where they are located throughout the world.  

The VR fantasy sports platform that our development team is preparing at vrFantasyDrafts will ultimately serve as a bridge between the pre-internet days where fantasy owners drafted offline/in-person and the modern standard of an online, less personal experience. The future of fantasy sports is a combination of the best concepts from both the past and present.

In addition to offering VR services such as virtual draft rooms and interactive VR lounges where owners can discuss games "together" in real time, vrFantasyDrafts will also provide fantasy advice and links to relevant and interesting fantasy articles to all of those who wish to explore what our revolutionary VR site has to offer.
"There’s a sense that VR could be isolating, but when you do these social things you realize it’s incredibly welcoming. I have friends all over the world. I have [Facebook] Messenger and Whatsapp and [Google] Hangouts and texts going all the time with a group of friends. VR actually allows me, when we have the right pieces in place, to break down those barriers and be able to share a much closer space with my friends" --

Max Cohen, Head of Mobile at Oculus VR (February 2016)

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